Wilson A1000 DP15 11.5" Baseball Glove-RHT

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Grounders, line drives and fly balls don’t stand a chance against A1000® ball gloves, models crafted with soft yet sturdy leather that is game ready on day one. There’s no long winter break-in or sore knuckles from punching the leather. The A1000® is ready to make an immediate impact whenever you are.

- DOUBLE PALM CONSTRUCTION (FRONT SIDE): A thin, perfectly shaped piece of leather
placed between the palm liner and outer shell, giving you what matters most: maximum pocket stability.

- FULL LEATHER CONSTRUCTION: Leather shell, laces and palm liner. These ball gloves expertly break in and conform to your hand.

- LOW PROFILE HEEL (FRONT SIDE): Gives more flexibility, opens up the palm and pocket and makes it more forgiving on bad hops.

- OUTLINED LOGO PACKAGE: Outfitted with the new outline logo package, the Wilson A1000 ball gloves stand out on the diamond.

- H-Web

- Pedroia Fit™

- Black/Tropical Blue/Blonde Full Grain Optima Leather