Wilson 643 11.5" Glove RHT

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6-4-3 means easy break-in for excellent feel. The goal with the 6-4-3 Being able to turn two as fast as possible. The 6-4-3's Rolled Dual Welting and exclusive DP Leather give it that ability. Toss is Double Palm Construction for durability, and travel baseball players will have no problem making plays all season long.

DP LEATHER - Uniquely formulated cowhide leather made to break-in quickly without sacrificing feel for the ball, which is the key to quick ball transfers. 

ROLLED DUAL WELTING - Thin strips of Pro Stock Leather are skived thin and rolled to provide long-lasting shape and a quicker break-in period. 

DOUBLE PALM CONSTRUCTION - A thin, strategically cut piece of leather is placed between the palm liner and outer shell, providing maximum pocket stability. 

6-4-3 Ball Glove Features: 

  • DP Leather
  • Rolled Dual Welting
  • Double Palm Construction
  • Black w/ Red
  • 11.5" Infield Pattern
  • H-Web