Unequal Dome 3 Insert

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Military grade composite!

  • Adds a concealed, lightweight, protective liner to fortify soft cotton baseball caps
  • Reduces risk of head injuries from come-backers, thrown bats and line drives on the field*
  • Made with a military grade, patented composite fortified with TriDur™ aramid fabric
  • Featured on ESPN OTL and MLB Network
  • Bolsters confidence and reduces worry
  • Protection like never
  • before!
    • NURO® Tech reduces acceleration, absorbs/disperses impact force
    • Comfortable, flexible, wearable foam
    • Ultralight, weighs less than 3 oz
    • Easily drops into virtually any soft cotton hat
    • One size, tab length can be trimmed for custom fit - 8.5mm foam can effect the fit of your hat and you may have to go up a hat size, but it's worth it!