Rukket Glow in The Dark Mini Foam Balls- 12 pack

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TRU-SPIN™ FOR ACCENTUATED FEEL: Specially formulated 13.5 gram PU (polyurethane) foam golf practice balls with real dimples simulate spin and feel to provide realistic feedback on every shot.

Great for hand eye baseball Training!

LIMITED FLIGHT WITH REALISTIC PATH: The limited flight combined with Tru-Spin™ accurate flight path makes for great batting practice. The limited flight technology dampens the distance but allows you to see the true flight path.

STANDARD SIZE: Gain all the benefits of training with a real ball with limited flight!

HIGH VISIBILITY FUN: Play at dusk! Extend the fun into the evening, with glow in the dark capability. Balls have photo-luminescent coating that absorbs light and glows for 10-15 minutes between charges.

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