Rawlings Rev205-9X 11.75" Baseball Glove RHT

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It’s time for a defensive REVolution to America’s pastime. With advanced stats and data available like never before, the game is rapidly changing.

Now, there’s 1 glove changing how you field too. Forget everything you know about traditional ball gloves and open your eyes to the neXt generation of glove design: introducing the Rawlings REV1X.

After several years secretly researching and developing cutting edge technology, the REV1X was born. Countless hours in the lab deconstructing past glove designs, evaluating new game-changing technologies, and engineering incredibly scientific build and design processes with the highest performance materials led to a breakthrough.

An ultra-lightweight, form-fitting, game-ready glove that gives you consistently unmatched playability across the field.

The Rawlings REV1X rewrites glove history, while shaping its future. Join the REVolution now.