Rawlings Glove Re-lace Pack

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Perfect for any make or model glove, this lacing kit features a classic awl-type steel lacing tool to help you relace your glove laces with more ease. The relace pack includes regulation rawhide lace to give your glove a new look and feel! Perfect for softball or baseball gloves of any size.

Most gloves are made with six separate sections: webbing, fingers, pocket, heel, thumb and small finger. This pack contains enough lace to completely re-lace most gloves. Regular 3/16" lace is standard in most sections; the wider 1/4" lace is excellent for added durability along the top of the fingers or to strengthen the web.

This kit comes with 3pcs of the 3/16" thick 72" long, and 1pc of the 1/4" thick 72" long.  (4 pieces in total)  and the 5'' U-Wire tool.