Rawlings Big Stick Elite Wood Composite Baseball Bats

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The 2021 Big Stick Elite 110 composite wood bat is a high performance bat constructed from the finest materials. its -3 drop weight also helps you get the barrel through the strike-zone with ease. All Rawlings composite wood bats are constructed from eco-friendly Bamboo, and the strongest Maple wood available. As a result, you get a superior wood bat that's extremely durable and can keep up with your level of play. its 110-barrel profile combines a longer taper and narrow, cupped end barrel to create a more balanced feel. This makes it perfect for players who want to boost their swing speed through the zone. The silver 'Oval-R' and accents provide the perfect touch to the classic black design. In addition, its also backed by a 90-day warranty so you stay confident that it will perform for you every at-bat.

  • DESIGNED FOR ADULTS AND KIDS AGES 13 AND UP, the Big Stick Elite 110 Composite Wood Baseball Bat is constructed from the finest materials and is durable to keep up with your level of play

  • EASY, QUICK SWING SPEEDS AND A BALANCED FEEL thanks to the -3 drop weight and the 110-barrel profile that combines a longer taper and narrow, cupped end barrel

  • MADE OF ECO-FRIENDLY BAMBOO AND THE STRONGEST MAPLE WOOD AVAILABLE, ensuring durability and consistent performance every at-bat

  • ALL BIG STICK ELITE BATS PASS THE MLB-REQUIRED PRO INK DOT TEST - this intense test ensures that only the best straight-grain, high-performance wood is used

  • SLEEK BLACK DESIGN WITH SILVER LOGOS will be sure to make every player stand out on the