Mizuno Select 9 12.5" Outfield Glove-RHT

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Mizuno Select 9 12.50'' Baseball Glove: GSN1250

All Mizuno baseball gloves come with the fit and feel approval that is intended for passionate players ready to take their game to the next level. With over 110 years of elite craftsmanship, Mizuno makes it a point to build some of the most comfortable, highest performing, and top-quality ball gloves in the game.

Glove Benefits

The Series 9 baseball gloves are the result of industry-leading innovation combined with pre-broken-in gloves to allow you to play right away. Constructed out of smooth, professional-grade Bio Soft leather, these baseball gloves maintaining their structure over a much longer period of time and require next to no break-in period. To boost the long-lasting durability and superior structure, Mizuno uses the same professional level lace that's offered in their professional level gloves. But, that's not all. Mizuno has implemented a new ceter pocket design to naturally center the pocket under the index finger for a perfect catch. Mizuno: Serious Performance!