CT4 Dual Training Batting Tee

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The patent-pending removable auxiliary arm can rotate 360 degrees around the main hitting tee. Configure the auxiliary arm to simulate multiple tees at various heights emulating pitch location.

The detachable base is rubber-coated stainless steel and has a handle, making portability a breeze to and from the ballpark. The stem is a customized mold made from top-grade aluminum. Dual training tee toppers are made of industrial-grade neoprene rubber, resistant to temperature, oil, water, solvent, and chemical inertness.

The CT4 Sports Dual Training Tee is protected by a one year limited warranty from time of purchase. Any suspected manufacturer defect, CT4 Sports will replace the item

Adjustable Height

The CT4 Tee is easily adjusted from 24" - 46".

360 Degree Auxiliary Arm

The auxiliary arm helps players reinforce proper swing mechanics.

Built To Last

The CT4 Tee is equipped with an aluminum frame, stainless steel base, and neoprene rubber toppers.