Champro Virtual Catcher And Rebounder

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  • Baseball catcher and rebound screen on one frame
  • Mesh sock collects balls
  • Easy assembly
  • 60" x 36"
    • VIRTUAL CATCHER: The Virtual Catcher displays an illustrated batter and a numbered strike zone so pitchers can visualize the real thing as they train. An attached mesh bag collects balls for easy cleanup.
    • REBOUNDER: The Rebounder side returns thrown baseballs and softballs as ground balls, line drives, or pop-flys depending on where they make contact with the net. Practice fielding alone or with teammates.
    • DURABLE STEEL FRAME: The 52 x 36-inch frame is made of steel tubes 1-inch in diameter, with powder-coating for a harder, tougher finish that lasts through seasons of use.
    • WEATHERIZED NETTING: The weatherized 30-ply polyethylene (PE) net of the Rebounder is secured by 24 bungee hooks, so it bounces balls back with verve and lasts for seasons, even through difficult weather conditions.
    • EASY ASSEMBLY: Sections of the steel frame connect and fit snugly into the Y-shaped connecting pieces, making assembly quick and easy.