Bownet Big Mouth X 7X7 Net

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Take command of your training with the Bownet® Big Mouth X practice net. Featuring a collapsible frame and 7-foot by 7-foot powder-coated steel base, it delivers stability across a wide range of surfaces from grass to concrete. Its Energy Absorption System® ensures resilience for all skill levels, from youth to elite athletes striving to perform like the pros. Setup is simple, easy, and fast, taking only 60 seconds.

Increased Stability

Heavier gauge steel 7' x 7' base will stay balanced on any surface and withstand the hardest hits and pitches from the most elite athletes.

Fewer Parts

The NEW one-piece base BOW™ frame is hassle-free because there are fewer parts to lose. The connector (patented) is made of a tough glass-filled synthetic polymer that combines the hinge and pole sockets for ease of assembly.

Longer Lifespan

Heavier, powder-coated steel base BOW™ frame construction is engineered to outlast any frame on the market. The removed bottom sleeve transfers ball energy to outer bungees to reduce tension on the net and increase the lifespan. Includes a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Faster Set Up

With fewer parts, Bownet's Big Mouth X® sets up in as little as 60 seconds allowing more time for practice