Athletic Specialties Coacher Magnetic Lineup Marker Board- Portfolio Board

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the COACHER ™ is completely reusable – from Game to Game, Team to Team, and Year to Year. The Coacher Company™ allows you to plan ahead and try different lineups in seconds using magnetic name tags. Keep track of vital statistics and notes, teach and diagram plays on the spot, see current situations immediately, and inform the team of changes without talk.

Front Panel
Batting Order/Line-up
Fielding Positions
Coaches at 1st and 3rd
Person at Bat
Next Player in
Not Playing
Magnetic and Erasable

Inside Panel 1
Erasable Strategy Diagramming
Playing Field, Coaches Boxes, Enlarged Batter Box
Space for Notes or Special plays

Inside Panel 2
Complete Score pad
Line-up Pad/Copies
Note Pad
Player Statistics (Dry-Erase)
Confidential Note Area (Dry-Erase)
Built in holder for Erasable Marker

Back Panel
Extra Diagramming Space
Enlarged Bases, Home Plate, Base Paths
Make Your Own Erasable Diagramming Area
Storage Pocket for Papers and Notes