Victus V-Cut Hard Maple Wood Baseball Bat

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  • V-Cut Bats Will Vary In Their Turn Model | Barrel Diameter Can Change From Bat-To-Bat

  • Should Feature A Cupped Barrel End (Some Exceptions Could Exist)

  • Knob Shape Can Vary

  • Cut From Quality Maple Wood

  • Feel of Bat Could Be Balanced Or End Loaded

  • Approximate Drop 3 Length-To-Weight Ratio (But Could Be Slightly Heavier Or Lighter Than A Drop 3)

  • Pro Ink Dot Certified For MLB Approval

  • These Bats Are Made From Wood Intended For Some Of The Higher Lines Of Victus Bats. They Became A V-Cut Due To Imprecise Spec Measurements Or Some Other Non-Structural Imperfection.