Xprotex Raykr Series Protective Batting Gloves

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XPROTEX Adult RAYKR Protective Baseball Gloves - Sold in Pairs
The top of the line protective batting glove. Specifically designed to protect batters wrist, back of hand, and knuckles. PITTARDS leather offers, Lite, thin-like a second skin, added durability, yet protects the hands from blisters while providing great grip on the bat. Go to the plate with confidence.

A.I.C. Technology adds protection on the outside of the hand, wrist and little finger protect the vulnerable small bones not protected by a traditional glove. Superior protection without compromising fit, comfort or flexibility.

A.I.C. (Advanced Impact Composite) an impact-absorbing material conceived through 30 months of development and testing. In plain language this means the impact load generated by a 100 MPH ball is reduced to that equivalent of being struck with a 40 MPH, thus, drastically reducing the chance of a career changing injury.

- Premium Pittards quartz digital leather palm.
- Vented micro-mesh finger slots add flexibility and breathability.
- Palm / Bat Interface offers optimal grip demanded by pro players.
- Neo Protection covers the knuckle areas.
- TPR wrist strap with Velcro closure.
- Perforated Cabretta leather back & fingers.