Franklin Indestruct- A- Ball Wiffle Balls- 6pk

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The game-changing Franklin Sports Indestruct-A-Ball® is a proprietary, ultra-durable and nearly unbreakable training & limited flight practice ball that flexes on impact instead of cracking! Hit it, throw it, crush it, and the ball will absorb and disperse kinetic energy and expand back to its original shape! Lab tested to last five-times longer than traditional plastic practice balls and withstand thousands of hits, Indestruct-A-Balls® are multi-use performance training balls that can be used for baseball or softball training, outdoor games and much more!

  • EXTREME DURABILITY : Engineered to retain shape and prevent cracking, even after thousands of hits
  • 5X STRONGER : Lab tested to last 5X longer than traditional plastic practice balls
  • LIMITED FLIGHT : Designed to flex on impact to prevent cracking and reduce travel distance
  • MULTI-USE : These balls are perfect for sports training, outdoor games, pet training and more
  • OFFICIAL SIZE : These balls are constructed at official 9.0" size to give your games a more authentic feel
  • 6 pack