Rawlings Impulse Backpacks

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19.75" H x 13.2" W x 9.8" D

- CRAFTED FOR BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL PLAYERS, the 2021 Rawlings Impulse Backpack features a huge main storage compartment that opens up into a game-time shelf, allowing players to easily access their gear

- HOLDS TWO (2) BATS in neoprene bat storage locations, one on each side of the backpack

- 75LBS FENCE HOOK allows you to hang your bag in the dugout or at the batting cages and access your organized gear easily

- INTERNAL CLEAT/TURF STORAGE COMPARTMENT allows players to properly air out cleats after practices and games


- KEEP SMALL VALUABLE ITEMS SAFE with the MARK OF A PRO valuables compartment pocket within this backpack that has a customizable top valet tray